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Nat Smithson & NoM is the collaboration of soulful and animated songstress, Nat Smithson, and the smooth, groove sounds of the charismatic rhythm section that is NoM. The title ‘NoM’ originates from the name ‘Nights on Mayfair’ which was created when the band originally formed back in 2016. At this time Nat Smithson, Scott Duncan and Jed Thomas joined forces after each performing for years in other bands (Scott – ‘Lowrider’, Jed – ‘Stonyfell’) and as a soloist (Nat). There was an instant connection with the group gelling musically and sharing similar ambitions to create new, intriguing material and return to the stage after taking a short break from performing.

The group’s production focuses on creating sounds that nurture Nat’s deep and dynamic vocals and highlight the cool, fat drum and bass combo of Scott and Jed. The trio deliberately do not restrict themselves to being influenced by single genres, instead including hints of (most notably) pop, soul, Motown, hip hop and RnB in their music. Nat is vocally inspired by established artists such as Kimbra, Adele, Emeli Sande, Beyonce, Alicia Keys and Dua Lipa, cleverly blending her deep soulful tone with light and airy pop expression to create unique and engaging vocal performances.

Scott drives the production process through the use of a collection of vintage and current equipment in his home studio, drawing on a wealth of experience gained during former opportunities playing and recording for records and albums including ‘Drinking From The Sun – Hilltop Hoods’ and four ‘Lowrider’ albums. He also toured regularly with ‘Lowrider’ as the support for renowned artists including Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, John Legend and Lionel Richie (amongst others). Old school recording techniques are used in an effort to capture a ‘live vibe’ by using vintage analogue recording gear, a 16 channel reel to reel recorder, valve microphones, vintage drums, a range of vintage amplifiers and swag of other instruments. Scott also calls in favours from musicians used on past projects from all over the globe with some of the band’s upcoming singles featuring (most notably) string arrangements from UK based artist Joni Fuller (Phil Collins, Stuart Epps (Elton John) and Guy Fletcher (Dire Straits)).

Nat Smithson & NoM released their first collaborated upbeat track ‘What Life Wants for Me’ via independent Australian artist release platform ‘The A&R Department’ in December 2018. They have a fun and punchy second single ‘I Don’t Need Ya’ being released on October 4th with their third single, ‘Walking Away’, a moving and uplifting portrayal of the journey of moving on from emotional and challenging circumstances, following closely in its footsteps. The trio are working furiously to complete an array of other spirited and moody tracks that will feature on a full EP scheduled for release in 2020.


I Don’t Need Ya

What Life Wants for Me


Coming Soon

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Meet the Band




Nat’s spirited and reflective nature shines in her vocal performances, oozing emotion as she characterises each of her lyrics. She is driven to write meaningful, storytelling lyrics that uplift and inspire her listeners and allow them to connect their own lives with her experiences.

Nat takes turns with Scott playing the hard task master but can also gets easily distracted with new creative ideas and projects. Nat is happiest and most productive when she has chocolate in hand.




Jed is a fun loving and hardworking dad of three who is always keen to jam out new tunes and knows how to rip a new one on a drum kit! He has an endless supply of cool, ballsy fills and will gladly jump between drums, the electric kit and cajon depending on what is needed at the time.

Jed grew up in a very musical family and has an endless supply of talented and supportive rellies who love watching him perform and have always been a huge support to the band.




Scott is the ‘brains’ of the band acting as the driving force behind a lot of the band’s strategies and accomplishments to date. He is a generous and caring spirit, always eager to share his ideas and knowledge from extensive experience within the industry, having performed for ten years with accomplished and internationally successful band Lowrider.

Scott also acts as head chef and is heavily relied upon as cheese connoisseur and supplier at each of the band’s jams. Japanese whiskey will always win Scott’s heart.


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